Welcome to PALCI’s brand new version of EZBorrow. The general requesting principles are still the same but the Libraries’ wanted to point out a few items of note.


  • There will be an option to select a need by date before submitting your request. We suggest that you do not select one. Generally EZBorrow books arrive within 3-5 business days. By selecting a date you could cause the request to time out of the system and go unfilled.
  • Currently there is a delay from the time you submit your request until you receive the confirmation email. This is a known bug that is being worked on. If you are unsure if your request went through, please email ill@drexel.edu and we can check for you.
  • You are now able to see a list of available lenders as you are searching for an item. This is for informational purposes. You cannot target your request to be filled by a specific university.
  • Drexel books will also appear in your search results. While you can request a Drexel book through EZBorrow and it will be re-rerouted back to the Libraries, it would be better to search the Libraries’ catalog and request the book there.
  • Multi volume sets: If you only want a specific volume please indicate that on the request.

Shipping Information:

  • There is a Mail to Me option as a “pick up location”. Please use this ONLY if your are off campus (non-Drexel housing) or a Distance (Online) Learner.
  • Please confirm your address in Drexel Central. That information feeds into the library system and alerts the Print Resources staff where to mail the item.
  • The item will be mailed via UPS with a return shipping included.

Any questions about using EZBorrow, please contact Print Resources at ill@drexel.edu or 215-895-6785.