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Volume 6 Issue 1
Spring 2014

Was My Family Fashionable?

Letter from the Editors

From the Editors

Welcome to the seventh issue of the Journal of Culture and Retail Image.  In this issue we take a historic look at fashion. Students were asked to choose ten photographs of their family members that dated pre-2000 and to determine based on the photos whether or not their families were followers of fashion. Students could decide the focus of these papers and select photos from special events, an individual person or a specific time period.  Many students in the class learned new facts about family members by conducting interviews and discussing how and why their family members dressed the way they did. I believe the most amazing part of this doing this paper is that many of these fashion scholars began to understand that their interest in studying Design & Merchandising or Fashion Design was somewhat passed onto them from their parents, grandparents or other family members. It was an eye-opening experience when many discovered that their family members had been fashionable and how they were inspired to dress.

This issue begins with Courtney Cohen’s “One Family, Two Countries, Five Weddings,” which records a rich cultural history of her family through the portrayal of wedding dress. Next Jessica Mattern’s “All in the Family” discusses how media influenced her family’s fashion, especially by reprising the look of the Valley Girl of the 1980s.  Nicole Chichilitti chronicles the journey of Monica LaSalle and reveals how she was influenced by such MTV media starts as Olivia Newton-John with her song Let’s Get Physical. While Kelly Duignan did not feel her family member Sharon Shultz was very fashionable she soon found out that Sharon did enjoy clothes and had a look that was quite fashionable for the time. And finally Margaret Heil demonstrates how Lady Diana, Farrah Fawcett and the designer Calvin Klein were big influences in her family.  

I hope you enjoy this issue and will come back next year when our issue will focus on Mass Fashion and Film.  I personally want to thank the Anne Cecil, Program Director of Design & Merchandising and Department Head Roberta Gruber for helping to make this issue a reality through their support and generosity.  Also, a special “Thank You” goes out to my colleague at the University of Rhode Island, Dr. Linda Welters who initiated the idea behind this issue by sharing an assignment she does in her historic costume class.

Have a wonderful year and happy reading!!

-- Joe Hancock, Content Editor
-- Tom Ipri, Production Editor
-- Nissa Lee, Copy Editor



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