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Volume 5 Issue 1
Winter 2012

Emilio Pucci

Letter from the Editors

From the Editors

In the sixth edition of the Journal of Culture & Retail Image, we have selected articles that focus on the influence of Italian fashion design and designers from the mid-20th century on contemporary American design.  Each paper in this issue has won an annual award for excellence in research and writing that was established four years ago by retired Drexel Professor M. Mercia Grassi. These papers were chosen from more than 60 submissions each year, and they reflect the breadth and diversity of Italian design and its influence on American fashion.

Naomi Huober’s  “American Fashion, Italian Style” sets the stage by chronicling the history of the Italian fashion industry following World War II and its influence on contemporary American sportswear. Emily Vartanian focuses on the house of Missoni and its impact on knitwear, color and pattern as interpreted by Diane von Furstenberg and by mass marketers like Forever 21. “Emilio Pucci, King of Prints,” by Audrey Diestelkamp, takes us on the colorful journey that the iconic designer blazed and that is followed today at price points from designer to mass market. Samara Cifelli also writes about Pucci, but she focuses on the master’s influence on color chemistry, graphic design and textile engineering in American fashion.

As the faculty member who reads every submission to what has become known as the Pucci Paper Research Competition (for our benefactor’s love of the designer for which it is named), I can attest to the quality of these articles and the interest and enthusiasm demonstrated by the authors. It is an honor to edit this edition of the Journal of Culture & Retail Image, and we welcome your feedback.

-- Catherine Byers, Guest Editor
-- Joe Hancock, Editor
-- Tom Ipri, Editor



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