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Volume 2 Issue 2
Fall 2009

Experiential Retailing

Letter from the Editors

From the Editors

Today, the world of retailing is about creating an exciting environment for customers to shop. With so many stores and competition, each retailer has but a few moments to capture the attention of the customer and does so by creating an entertaining and unique experience. In this issue of the Journal of Culture and Retail Image, we present a special issue dedicated the art of generating exciting store experiences - experiential retailing. The papers in this issue each highlight one retailer and explore the unique processes and store environments that these retailers have designed for their specific target markets. We hope you enjoy the following papers focusing on J.Crew, Anthropologie, Juicy Couture and FAO Schwarz. We even have one casino, highlighting the ultimate in sensory consumption techniques.

-- Joe Hancock and Ann Keith Kennedy


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